Coming into Spring, there are a couple of important plumbing issues that can arise. Outside taps and sump pumps are usually the most common things to go faulty over the winter due to the extreme temperatures that Edmonton and surrounding areas face.

Outside Hosebibs
We see a lot of jobs where a client has forgotten to remove the hose from the outside tap before the freezing temperatures roll in for the winter. There is also the issue of a small drip from the tap that freezes and it will usually burst the faucet or ruin the components inside the valve body. This can cause major damage inside the home, mold or possibly damage outside the home from ice buildup or water damage.

Sump Pump Failure

The most common time for a sump pump to fail is the beginning of spring when all the snow and ice melts and the ground is saturated. Due to the high volume of ground water, the sump pump is forced to pump more frequently and this can cause the motor to wear out.

Another issue is when the pump is not used all winter, the first time its turned back on it can suffer malfunctions or cracked seals. A high-quality sump pump is an excellent investment as over the life of the pump you will generally see fewer issues. All sump pumps should have a backup sump pump to ensure protection in case of the primary pump experiencing issues. High water alarms are also an excellent early warning system and should be fitted wherever possible.

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