Installation of New Blanco Silgranit Kitchen Sink In Edmonton

Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installations can be a difficult thing to plan for, or to DIY and get it right. Selecting the correct setup can be confusing for homeowners or even contractors building homes or renovating a kitchen sometimes. Everybody loves Ikea and there a vast selection of plumbing hardware, sinks, and shower accessories but things do not always go according to plan because of lack of proper information.

In the first picture you see an Ikea sink but there is no hole for the faucet. The customer had already cut the counter top out using the supplied template. What they did not realize when they purchased it was this sink was made for a wall mount or countertop mounted kitchen faucet.

Also without any countertop to drill a proper hole through for the new faucet to drop in, there would be problems shortly after installation. The faucet would be wobbly from lack of stability, the sink could bend or end up misshapen, can also cause leaks through the back of the sink from the seal being repeatedly lifted when the faucet is moved or used. Always try to avoid tightening the mounting hardware down directly on the stainless steel sink.

With some quick thinking, we were able to find a solution for this customer and picked them out a Blanco Silgranite kitchen sink that fit the cutout and worked great after a little trimming with the jigsaw. In the end, they were very pleased with the result and, we were still able to use the faucet they supplied and hooked up their dishwasher too.

diy sink install that will not work
Kitchen Cabinet before we install the new silganite sinksink
alberta water pros always try to use canadian equipment first
a new blanco sink installed ina house in Edmonton

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