Customer Reviews

We have used the water Pros before and found that they always put in that little extra effort to go above and beyond expectations. The job this time required them to do unexpected work but this was no problem for them and was handled efficiently and effectively. Will definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone. Their quality of service cannot be beat"


I've used Alberta Water Pros four or five times now, from big jobs to small ones, and found their service excellent. David and his helpers are always prompt, friendly and helpful. They obviously care a great deal about their work, and are very professional. Highly recommended!"


I called two days ago and they got me in for an appointment today. They were very friendly and helpful both on the phone and when they came for the service call. The plumber showed up exactly when they said he would (actually a few minutes early) and was very quick and efficient. He even showed me how to make simple repairs in the future. They charged no dispatch fee. I called around to a few different places and they had the best rates and the service was top notch. I'd highly recommend them."