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Leaking Pipe Repairs

Leaky Pipes can turn into a very expensive experience depending on a few factors. When it comes to leaking plumbing pipes, where and how makes the world of difference.

Where – Obviously if the leaking pipe is under the kitchen sink or on top of the ground with easy accessibility to it, then it will be an easier and cheaper fix then if it requires a mini excavator to dig to find the pipe.

How – If the pipe that is leaking has a tiny hole in it, we may be able to put a sleeve on it and seal it up without any problems. On the other hand, if there is a 2-metre gash in the pipe or the pipe has been completely ripped up we are going to have to do extensive repairs. In this example, a simple sleeve repair isn’t going to the job.

One thing when it comes to leaky pipes is you are lucky if you find out. If you can see the leaking you can fix it easily, but if you do not know that it is leaking it can be very expensive over the life of that leaking pipe. That is why we have specialist pipe cameras that we can run through any pipe in the house and determine if there are any issues.

Loose Connections – Loose plumbing connections are usually the main source of leaky pipes in kitchens and bathrooms. If you are experiencing pipes that are leaking water in your kitchen and bathroom but can not see any visual damage, give Alberta Water Pros a call.

Broken Pipes – Pipes do not usually break, almost every time there are some external factors. If it is a water pipe that is underground, it may not have been properly layed, or if it’s a pipe under the kitchen sink it may have been knocked or damaged.

Old Pipes can eventually break; it’s just the way it is and once one usually breaks it will be followed by many more. We can redo all of the pipes in the house and get you back up and running in no time.

Give the Edmonton Leaky Pipe Repair Experts a call and get your plumbing nightmares fixed quickly and cheaply.

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