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The sump pump is one of the most important tools for the protection of your house and home. If you think yours may not survive the winter, give the Edmonton sump pump repair experts a call, and we can organize a time that works to come out and let you know what will work best for you.

A Sump Pumps job is to stop your basement, home and house flooding from overflow and water from outside. The pump is housed in a reservoir that does the job of collecting the melted snow and water. Once the pit begins taking on water, it will then pump the water out via a pipe that has been strategically placed to drain away from the house.

Sump Pump package before installationIt is very important that the sump pump is located in the correct spot to ensure maximum reliability. It should be installed in the lowest area of the house. With the weather in Alberta and Edmonton, in particular, it is very important for all residential properties to have a sump pump installed and maintained. The cost of the pump is a lot cheaper than a flooded basement.

There are a lot of long-term issues once a basement of the house has flooded. The mould and mildew are very expensive to eradicate, and different types of bacteria can also come about through a flooded area.
We can give you12 volt battery operated pump (left) and a new 1/3 horse power primary sump pump. advice on new Sump Pumps, or we can perform Sump Pump Repairs on your current system. With regular maintenance, pumps will perform well even if they are dealing with water and dirt regularly.

If you want to be safe, a backup sump pump system is recommended and ensures that your basement or house is safe from flooding and water seepage. The pumps we install have a battery backup, so there is still a primary sump pump in the pit, and we also install another 12-volt marine battery powered pump beside it. If the power goes out, or the primary pump fails the backup pump will turn on and save the day.

We use a Nautilus premium sealed Group 24 Deep Cycle battery and the Myers MBSP-02 backup system. It has led lighting and an alarm system as well in case the system activates, the beeping lets you know it went off when you get home. A finished basement is very expensive, and this small cost can save you a lot of heartaches.

You need to keep and eye out and if you notice that the pump is sounding strange, barely pumping water or not pumping at all, give the Alberta Water Pros a call and arrange a time for a Sump Pump Inspection.

Some Sump Pump Photos

marine battery connected to backup service
check valve protected sump pump system
Sump Pit

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Do you need a battery backup sump pump system? It could save your basement from flooding due to a sump pump failure.

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