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Installation Complete in Mechanical Room Refit In Edmonton

Combination heating systems. What this means is the home or building has in floor heating and a need for domestic hot water usage so the system and boiler must be sized for how much demand for hot water there is. In this video, the Water Pros had just finished a combination system installation. The home-owner was sold an inadequate system previously that was poorly installed and would have never worked properly. After having them back to try and fix the problem and even calling in another addition contracting company he called Water Pros and the rest is history.

Watch out for the next video on how reduce the heat loss of this awesome system.

Installation of IBC Wall Hung Boiler, Indirect Water Heater and custom built HPS PSS Control in Edmonton

David from Alberta Water Pros comes to the assistance of a family in Edmonton who are victims of some poor Plumbing and Gas Fitting Workmanship. Dave is replacing this poorly installed system with a new IBC wall hung boiler, 80 gallon Heat-Flo Indirect water heater, new hydronic manifolds and a custom built HPS PSS 2RLST control panel. David is also re-piping their water softener, sump pump, and outdoor faucet water lines.

Installation of New Blanco Silgranit Kitchen Sink In Edmonton

Kitchen Sink and Faucet Installations can be a difficult thing to plan for, or to DIY and get it right. Selecting the correct setup can be confusing for homeowners or even contractors building homes or renovating a kitchen sometimes. Everybody loves Ikea and there a vast selection of plumbing hardware, sinks, and shower accessories but things do not always go according to plan because of lack of proper information.

In the first picture you see an Ikea sink but there is no hole for the faucet. The customer had already cut the counter top out using the supplied template. What they did not realize when they purchased it was this sink was made for a wall mount or countertop mounted kitchen faucet.

Also without any countertop to drill a proper hole through for the new faucet to drop in, there would be problems shortly after installation. The faucet would be wobbly from lack of stability, the sink could bend or end up misshapen, can also cause leaks through the back of the sink from the seal being repeatedly lifted when the faucet is moved or used. Always try to avoid tightening the mounting hardware down directly on the stainless steel sink.

With some quick thinking, we were able to find a solution for this customer and picked them out a Blanco Silgranite kitchen sink that fit the cutout and worked great after a little trimming with the jigsaw. In the end, they were very pleased with the result and, we were still able to use the faucet they supplied and hooked up their dishwasher too.

diy sink install that will not work
Kitchen Cabinet before we install the new silganite sinksink
alberta water pros always try to use canadian equipment first
a new blanco sink installed ina house in Edmonton

Alberta Water Pros Offer Great Value Plumbing Services In Edmonton

Alberta, Canada – May 4, 2016: Residential customers can benefit from what Alberta Water Pros has to offer. Based in Edmonton, the company can provide plumbing, gas fitting, and Plumbers Vehiclehydronic heating services.

“We have professional tradesmen to provide residential installations, renovations, and repairs. We use high-quality brands and always provide excellent workmanship,” comments a spokesperson for Edmonton Plumbing Contractor Alberta Water Pros.
The company prides itself on being able to offer high-quality services, and no job is too large or too small. Their tradesmen have been able to conduct plumbing repairs and installations of all sizes around Edmonton including fixing running toilets, leaky taps, busted pipes, as well as drain cleaning, sump pump repairs, and extensive bathroom renovations.
In addition to plumbing, the company also offers gas fitting services including installation of kitchen appliances, BBQ lines, as well as line relocations. The company focuses on the most cost-effective and the safest way to run pipes to provide durability and long term use. The company handles the permits, the air tests, and inspections required for related work.
Hydronic heating is another area that they specialize in, and one that is growing in popularity. The Edmonton-based company can install a heating system capable of heating your entire home, as well as basements, garages, and other rooms. Expert advice is provided to help a person to determine the best system for their home. In-floor radiant heating systems can be used to melt snow and ice, and it can provide a better winter for people throughout Alberta due to being able to heat the floors, walls, and garage.
A free, no obligation quote is provided when people call. A technician will come out to diagnose the problem and make recommendations on what work is required or what system should be installed allowing people to ask questions and obtain pricing before moving forward with the recommended services.
Alberta Water Pros Plumbing & Gas Fitting are licensed, bonded, and insured. They have been serving the Edmonton area for over a decade and believe that the recipe for success is to have a reputation for being honest, affordable, and reliable. Their goal is to maintain a good reputation and provide consistent service as a way to provide for the community. All technicians are graduates of the Red Seal Plumber and gas fitter program, based at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.
The company proudly provides services to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, and St. Albert.
Contact: David Sherwood
Phone: 780-758-7767

Replacing the Filter In a Humidifier

Dave demonstrates how to replace the filter in a humidifier. It is vital to perform regular maintenance on your system for it to perform at optimum performance levels. Enjoy the video.

Get Ready For Spring

Coming into Spring, there are a couple of important plumbing issues that can arise. Outside taps and sump pumps are usually the most common things to go faulty over the winter due to the extreme temperatures that Edmonton and surrounding areas face.

Outside Hosebibs
We see a lot of jobs where a client has forgotten to remove the hose from the outside tap before the freezing temperatures roll in for the winter. There is also the issue of a small drip from the tap that freezes and it will usually burst the faucet or ruin the components inside the valve body. This can cause major damage inside the home, mold or possibly damage outside the home from ice buildup or water damage.

Sump Pump Failure

The most common time for a sump pump to fail is the beginning of spring when all the snow and ice melts and the ground is saturated. Due to the high volume of ground water, the sump pump is forced to pump more frequently and this can cause the motor to wear out.

Another issue is when the pump is not used all winter, the first time its turned back on it can suffer malfunctions or cracked seals. A high-quality sump pump is an excellent investment as over the life of the pump you will generally see fewer issues. All sump pumps should have a backup sump pump to ensure protection in case of the primary pump experiencing issues. High water alarms are also an excellent early warning system and should be fitted wherever possible.

Give the Edmonton Plumbing and Sump Pump Experts a call on (780)-758-7767



Alberta Water Pros & Edmonton

Alberta Water Pros have been operating in Edmonton for many years now and are still as passionate as ever to deliver the best products, service and results for their customers. Whether its a gas line to the bbq, bathroom renovations or installing a new water heater, the  friendly team from Alberta Water Pros have it covered.