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One of most popular parts of Canada is the stunning summers. As part of the stunning summers, barbecues comes hand in hand, although there are some homes that bbq all year. If you are looking for a long-term solution and not a fan of swapping propane tanks, take a look at natural gas to your bbq.

We are BBQ Natural Gas Line install experts and will have your BBQ grilling in no time and with the added security that the lines are run safely and are going to work for the long term.

We use only the highest quality materials and brands to ensure that all bbq lines will work excellently in the future. There is a quite a large difference in the quality of the pipe, and it can make the difference in running into issues in the coming years.

BBQ lines can be complicated depending on where the bbq will be sitting. If it is a long distance from the meter or junction point, it can be a big job. Also, if you want a custom bbq line, we can do that also allowing the line to stay hidden.

We can also arrange all of the permits that are required by the local departments and authorities. When it comes to gas, you want to work with the Edmonton Gas Fitting experts at Alberta Water Pros.

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