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Gas Permits, air tests and inspections

All jobs that are gas related can require a permit, air tests and inspections. At Alberta Water Pros, we can organise everything that is required, so you do not have to worry about incorrect permits and failing inspections.

There is only one type of City-of-Edmonton-passed-inspgas permit in Edmonton, and it must be filled out correctly upon application. There are significant penalties if work is undertaken without the correct permit.

The air test is a requirement when a new gas line installation is over 20 ft in length. We pressurize the line with air to 15 psi for the inspection. It also shows us there are no leaks in the connections anywhere or if there are leaks.

An inspection is performed by the city at certain points of the job and also an overall inspection at the end of the job. Inspections ensure that there is compliance with Alberta Rules, everything is working properly and the quality of the work is high. We take the hassles out of you trying to organise an inspector by including this in our free quotes.

If you require permits, air tests and inspections for gas-related jobs, give Alberta Water Pros a call, and we will do our best to help you out.

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