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The team at Alberta Water Pros are experts when it comes to Residential Underground Gas Line Installations in Edmonton and the surrounding communities.

Underground-gas-line-in-groundThe installation and repair of Gas Lines in Canada are highly regulated and only trained, and certified professionals are allowed to do the work. This is for the safety of the general public as inexperienced people working with Gas pipes and fittings can result in deadly consequences.

If you require a new gas line to your house or a new line to your garage or patio, we can work out the safest and most cost-effective way to install it. We ensure that we do all of our work within the standards of Alberta and all while maintaining the highest safety standards.Underground-gas-line-in-trench

As part of the quoted price, we will organize and get all of the necessary permits, air tests and inspections. With gas fitting being a highly regulated industry, any work completed will require the correct permits and be inspected once completed.

We are constantly revising our products ensuring they are the highest quality available. The goal of the installation is to complete the job safely, efficiently and to code.

We cover Edmonton and surrounding communities and provide free quotes. If you have any questions regarding underground gas lines, please do not hesitate to call. One of our very friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions.

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