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Backwater Valve Installations

Sewage water leaking into your basement is possibly the worst case scenario for homeowners and tenants alike. Unfortunately, this happens all over Edmonton on a regular basis.

The sewer backing up is avoidable with the simple installation of a backwater valve. A backwater valve stops sewage before it can overflow into the basement. It is imperative that it’s installed in the right location and installed correctly to ensure that dirty water and other objects do not start appearing from showers, sinks, and the tub in the laundry.

We recommend regular maintenance on the valve itself and checking the valve to ensure that it is fully operational.

The installation of the backwater valve is quite complicated and will require a plumbing permit and an inspection by the city, town or municipality. The Alberta Water Pros will cover all aspects of the installation right from the beginning with a great value quote. Most installations require some concrete removal where the new valve will be located. The quoted price will cover replacement of the concrete that has been removed.

We use two types of backwater valves, the Mainline Backwater Valve and the FR4 Retro Fit or also called the F.I.O. also made by the company Mainline.

Installing a backwater valve will give you the added security of knowing that you will be safe when the next big storm or torrential rain hits Edmonton. There will be no need to hire a company to clean sewage waste out of your basement or house.

Give the backwater valve installation professionals a call and one of our friendly staff will talk you through any questions and can get you started with a free quote.

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