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We are Edmonton Drain Cleaning specialists and can have your drain unblocked and running freely in no time. Whether it’s inside the house; either the kitchen sink or bath drain that is blocked and water is not flowing correctly, or outside in the Garage, shed or even the driveway.

We use cutting edge technology to find out exactly where the blockage is, what it is and the most effective way to unblock it. Depending on these circumstances depends on how long it will take for the job to be completed.

Kitchen Sink – The plugged drain in a kitchen sink is one of the most common drain blockage problems in the home and can be difficult to clear. Food debris, oils and grease go down the drain and create a nasty clog. The oil and grease solidify when cooled and the food particles stick and build up until no more water can flow through the drain. With the proper technique, our experience and equipment we can put that plugged kitchen drain behind and flow so you can return to a normal functioning household.

Bathroom – Having a plugged bathroom sink, a toilet, or slow draining bathtub can be a real hassle for any family or at the workplace. These drainage problems can sometimes cause damages to a home or building. If you are experiencing these types of drain flow issues, just give us a call. Let our team of drain cleaning professionals unclog the problem and save you from frustration and making a mess of the area.

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