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The team at Alberta Water Pros are the Edmonton toilet repair and installation specialists. Any toilet issues can quickly turn into big problems, and you want to get these fixed as soon as possible.

installation of a new toilet

We understand the urgency, and we strive to fix any toilet issues quickly and for the lowest cost to our clients. In saying that we will recommend replacement systems if we deem that the best way to go forward.

If you are looking at replacing your toilet, we only work with the top brands and will recommend the best products for your situation. With the average flush of a toilet using 13.6 litres, it can be important to swap to a more economic system like a dual flush toilet to save you money on your water bill. Other companies will only be looking at the profit available where our main focus is what is best for our clients.

Toilet installed in Edmonton

A running toilet can quickly give you some major expenses. Most of the time it is an easy fix, but there are a lot of times where it's quite complicated, and we have to replace parts in the toilet.

If you have a blocked toilet, it can be a lot more serious then just too much toilet paper. It could be an obstruction in the underground pipes, broken pipes or drainage issues. Our team is well equipt with the proper equipment to deal with leaky, broken or plugged sewers, smaller drain pipes as well as fixing broken toilet flanges or unclogging a blocked toilet.

Call the team at Alberta Water Pros for any toilet installation or repairs in Edmonton or surrounding communities.

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