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If you live in and around Edmonton, you have likely encountered plumbing problems at your home or business. Some due to the harsh winters and other issues from poor workmanship and poor quality parts. People can typically repair dripping faucets, leaking pipes and running toilets themselves.

Your ability to fix these problems is dependent upon the skills that you have, then the tools that you have available. Many people will start trying to fix one of these problems, and if they cannot, they will call a local Edmonton plumbing professional. We have listed a few of the main issues that you may encounter and how to fix them. Failing a satisfactory result, you can give us a call and we will get things back in working order and let you stop worrying about them.

Unclogging A Sink

This is a problem that almost everyonecan fix on their own, and it typically does not take any tools. The trap underneath the sink can become clogged with hair, soap, and food particles that have gone down. The simple fix is removing the trap, cleaning it out, and placing it into position again. You may need to have a pipe wrench if you are using one of the older traps that have metal fittings that have been secured tightly in place.

The traps made from PVC are typically affixed loose enough where you can only turn the lock nut to remove it on both ends. It is recommended that you place a bucket underneath the trap before you take it off as the water inside the downspout will come through. By only taking a paper towel and a long instrument such as a screwdriver, you can push it through to completely clean out the trap. After tightening the lock nuts, you should have no problem at all with your sink getting clogged up again.

Blocked Toilets

This can be problematic because, unlike a sink where you can remove the trap, or use something like Drano, you cannot pour anything into the toilet to unclog it. It is possible to use a hand-held or motorized Roto-Rooter device, but this can scrape up the porcelain interior of the throne. If you have a plunger and a combination of baking soda and vinegar, this can work to unclog the toilet very quickly. It is recommended that you depress the handle long enough to allow most of the toilet bowl to fill, giving you that extra weight on top. This will help force any blockage down beyond the closet band.

Fixing Weak Water Pressure In The Shower

One of the primary reasons that a shower will have weak water pressure is the buildup of what is called lime scale. If you are running hard water which has quite a bit of mineralization, this is going to build up over time. This can limit the amount of water that comes through, and this needs to be removed. You will need a screwdriver and wrench to remove the spray plate, and using a descaling solution; you will be able to remove the mineralized build gradually.

Once it is back on, your water pressure should be restored. If these few steps do not solve the problem, it is likely that you either have substantial mineralization in the pipes that have built up over the years. If you are getting your water from a well, it is likely a problem with the water pump or the lack of water in the ground.

In the current economy, money is tight but if you are having plumbing issues they can quickly turn into enormous problems and we recommended calling a plumber if you can not completely fix the problem. Most people cannot take out a water heater if it is no longer functioning, or even repair the metal pipes on a leaking water heater which could be causing problems to occur. If you have a significant leak, one that you cannot personally resolve, you can call the Plumbing repair experts, and we will come out to your location. We will provide you with a free quote and we only use the best brands giving you the best value.

Whether you are trying to fix a leaking hose bib, sump pump failure, or-or any other plumbing issues you may face, there is a risk of you making things worse and ultimately costing more money in the end. If you do not have any plumbing experience at all, it is recommended that you contact Alberta Water Pros to complete any plumbing repairs.

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